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The New Humanity Pledge is a global campaign for creating coexistence on earth presented by Earth Citizens Organization (ECO).

Ilchi Lee, founder of the Earth Citizen Movement, initiated this campaign with other fellow Earth Citizens.

The vision of the New Humanity Pledge is to help create 100 million Earth Citizens who make taking care of the earth their personal responsibility and priority.
The choice and power to shape our destiny is in our own hands, now more than ever. 
Our Mission

About ECO

Earth Citizens Organization (ECO) is a nonprofit organization that works to promote mindful living, natural health, and world sustainability. ECO’s mission is to cultivate 100 million Earth Citizens and empower these individuals with the tools and resources helpful for practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle while also developing their strengths to lead and serve their communities.

About Ilchi Lee 

Ilchi Lee is an author, educator, and dedicated advocate for a peaceful, sustainable world. He is the founder of Body & Brain Yoga, Brain Education, and the Earth Citizen Movement. His mission is to help people create their own health, happiness, and peace and use it for the benefit of all. 
Take the Pledge
Be the earth's turning point
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